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-----Luncheon Buffets
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-----Dinner Buffets
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Beverage and Bar Information

Cash Bar

Guests pay on their own per drink


Host Bar

Drinks are charged on a per drink basis and can be set up for a specific time frame or dollar amount.




Ales and Beers

Sodas and Juices

Pre-Mixed Cocktails

(Per Gallon, Serves 30)

Champagne Punch, Mimosas, Sombreros, Screwdrivers and Other Single Liquor Cocktails

Two Liquor Drinks

White Russians, Pearl Harbors, Grape Crushes, Fuzzy Navels


Manhattans, Martinis, Long Island Iced Teas



(Per Gallon)

Alcohol-Three gallon minimum or five gallon maximum

Champagne Fountain




(Per Person)

White Wine


Asti Spumante


International Coffee Station

Please select five liquors from the following:

Sambuca, Anisette, Jamesons Irish Whiskey, Kahlua, Amaretto, Frangelico, Grand Marnier, Baileys, Courvoisier VS


Guests can create their own International Coffee

Cordial Cart Served in Chocolate Cups


Cordial Service

A cordial cart can be made available and will be charged to the host on a consumption basis



All prices subject to 20% service charge and RI State sales tax.