Club News & Announcements

from the office of the General Manager/COO


December 2004




Happy Holidays!


        As 2004 comes to a close, I have struggled with how to script my final letter of the year. So after reflection concerning previous issues of discussion, I thought it would be prudent to address the following concerns and start the New Year off right:


1)      The House Rules: By definition, the house rules were established to protect the integrity, ensure safety and to maintain the respect and values upon which The Alpine Country Club was founded.


      As General Manager/Chief Operating Officer, my duties and responsibilities are clearly defined by the Board of Directors. One of my duties is to enforce the house rules without question or exception. So I respectfully ask you to please remind your younger family members and your guests of the following:


       A) No matter the circumstances JEANS are not allowed any where in The Alpine Country Club.


      However, should you find yourself in a position where someone in your party has   inadvertently worn jeans, I will be happy to provide them with a pair of black slacks or perhaps a pair of slacks from the Pro-Shop?


B) Jackets are required / ties optional for dining on Saturday evenings in both the Alpine and Tyrolean rooms.


However, should you forget to wear a jacket on Saturday evening, I have donated

a few of my jackets to the Alpine for such a faux pas. The dining room manager

        has access to them and should one fit, I gladly offer it for your use.


C) Smoking is prohibited in the Card Room, Grille Room and Alpine Room until 8:00 p.m. during Daylight Savings Time.


 However, if you wish to smoke and prefer not to utilize the patio, please feel free

  to utilize my office at anytime.


         As you can see, from offering the use of my office as a smoking lounge, to offering you my own wardrobe, I will try extremely hard to provide an alternative to avoid a situation which may cause you, your family or your guests any inconvenience.


             However, I ask you with the utmost of respect; to please abide by the rules of the Club and understand that if you are approached concerning a violation of Club policy, I will always do so with the utmost tact and respect, with the hope of your support and understanding.


            For further information and clarifications, I have enclosed a copy of the Alpine House Rules for your review.


2)      We cannot do: Sometimes my staff fails to see Aall of the trees in the forest@ and offer a response of “we cannot do that today”. 


      While my staff truly means well and try extremely hard, at times they may neglect to say five simple words, “let me get Mr. Griswold”. 


       So if you are faced with “we cannot do that today”, please respond with “have you checked with Mr. Griswold?”, and be assured that if there is any possible way I can make something happen, it will happen!


3)      La Vigilia: Prior to my arrival at the Alpine, I became familiar with the history of La Vigilia when I was stationed in Italy during my military service years.


      However, I was taken off guard by the Alpine’s custom of members handing out gratuities to the staff during this event.


      Subsequently during my first La Vigilia, I was approached by some members offering gratuities and respectfully declined, however in doing so, and of course without intent, I insulted those members.


      I never meant to disrespect or to insult anyone, however, as a professional and your General Manager / Chief Operating Officer, I felt that accepting gratuity would be unprofessional and lessen the credibility of my position.


     Thus, last year I felt it would be prudent not to enter the Grill Rooms during this event and to manage from the kitchen (staying as far out of sight as possible). However, I stayed out of sight so well; some members questioned why I was not around for such an important event.


      So I address this issue in the hope of avoiding the awkward position of declining your extremely kind gestures or again becoming invisible during this time honored event.  However, please know that I thank the Lord everyday for blessing me with the opportunity to manage this wonderful Club and serving you and your families.


      I am truly grateful for this gift and I hope you will accept my sincere thank you from my heart for such opportunities.


     4) Club Bill Accuracy: I am the first to admit that we do make mistakes, and I am the first to make any corrections needed. However please understand that all errors are definitely unintentional. Therefore I respectfully request your assistance concerning this matter, by please signing your chits to include the Pro-Shop; this will help me to alleviate any inaccuracies and ensuring your club bill accuracy.


                     From my children Crystal, David, Isabella and I, we pray that you and your families are blessed with health, happiness and the love and joy of this holiday season.  God bless you and your loved ones serving our nations call to duty during this holiday season.


  Lt. Colonel David Griswold, Ret. GM/COO                   



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Men’s La Vigilia


Wednesday, December 15th

From 5:00pm until 8:00pm

In the Grille Rooms


This event is an annual complimentary

Holiday gathering for the male members of the

Alpine which includes an array of seafood

and Italian specialties


Guests are not allowed at this event

and reservations are not necessary.



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The Alpine Country Club

Holiday Buffet


Sunday, December 19th

12:00 until 6:00


*Antipasto Table*

Grilled Artichokes, White Anchovies, Roasted Peppers, Soppressata,

Italian Ham, Assorted Olives, Pepperoni, Grilled Eggplant,

Assorted Cheese, Mesclun Salad Mix,

Flavored Breads & Assorted Dinner Rolls

Wine & Pepper Biscuits


*Raw Bar*

Shrimp Cocktail, Littlenecks, Snail Salad, Squid Salad and Smoked Salmon Mirror


*Carving Station*

Steamship Round of Beef au jus

Grilled Lamb Rack with mint jelly

Roast Turkey with gravy and Cranberry Sauce


*Pasta Station*

Tri-Color Pasta with Carbonara Sauce

Stuffed Shells

Penne Marinara


*Children’s Station*

Pizza, Chicken Fingers, French Fries, & Mozzarella Sticks


*Entree Station*

Steamed Littlenecks with Garlic Butter Sauce

Scrod Pizziola

Chicken Francaise

Sautéed Rabe

Roasted Butternut Squash

Lyonnaise Potato


*Dessert Table*

Holiday Cookies, Gingerbread Men, Zuppa Inglese, Chocolate Log Roll, & Mini Pastries


$25.95 per person

$10.00 for Children Ages 6-12

Free for Children 5 and under

Service Charge and tax not included



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Friday, December 31st

Featuring the Sounds of

Soul Purpose

Dancing from 8:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m.


Cocktails and Hors D’Oeuvres

7:00 to 8:00 p.m.


Dinner Served at 8:00


*First Course*

Mini Vegetable Antipasto—Mixed Greens with Roasted Peppers, Provolone, Marinated Mushrooms

and Fresh Mozzarella with White Balsamic Dressing


*Second Course*

Bowtie Pasta with Pink Vodka Sauce with Diced Italian Ham and Peas



*Choice of Entree*

Roast Sliced Tenderloin

Lobster Tail

Roast Duck Breast


Asparagus wrapped with Yellow Squash Ring and Parisienne Roasted Potatoes


Assorted Mini Pastries

Champagne Toast at Midnight


A Deluxe Breakfast Buffet will be served at 1:00 a.m.


$65.00 per person Members & Guests

Service charge & tax not included

Please RSVP to Melodi by December 24th at 943-2670