Alpine Country Club’s history began with the development of a men’s social club in 1946. A small group of business professionals visions started in one another’s homes and over the years has grown into what we know today as Alpine Country Club.

May 5, 1948: Recognized as The Cranston Alpine Country Club and a non-business corporation. It was issued a charter by the Secretary of State on this day and soon became the most affluent organization of American Italians in all of Cranston.

December 23, 1952: Alpine purchased property from Nazzarino Melacaro, located on 760 Oaklawn Avenue which served as the new headquarters.

October 16, 1958: Bishop McVinney of the Diocese of Providence approached members with the intention of building a new church on the 760 Oaklawn Avenue property. Members voted to assist the church with its plans to build the Immaculate Conception Church which still stands today.

March 2, 1959: The members soon found a temporary location for their weekly meetings at 1196 Cranston Street. Here is where they came to the concentual agreement to undertake the monumental project of building a family oriented golf course and country club. On this day in history the members unanimously voted to purchase the 205 acres of land on Pippin Orchard Road from Basilio and Amelia Macera.

March 23, 1960: The Cranston Alpine Club’s name was changed at the office of the Secretary of State and the Alpine Country Club was born.
Plans for the club began almost immediately with building architect D. Thomas Russillo and golf course architect, Geoffrey Cornish. An artist and interior decorator named Robert Haun was assigned to the job along with Mario DiBeneditto who was a member and the club founder and contractor John Mansolillo. With these great men their combined skills and talents made this process move smoothly

1961: The golf course opened in the spring.

Easter Sunday 1962: The clubhouse was formally opened for service and food with the help of Mr. William Palmer of Chicago who was the first clubhouse manager.

October 23, 1967: Alpine Investment Company was issued allowing a corporation of members/stockholders that operated as a legal entity. All physical assets and personal property of the Club were transferred to the corporation.

December 11, 1990: The voting members of Alpine Country Club and the stockholders of the Alpine Investment Company adopted a Plan and Agreement of Merger between the club and investment company. The Alpine Investment Company was to change its name to The Alpine Country Club, Inc. and the initial Merger Agreement and new By-laws adopted at the meeting became effective on this day. As a result, the club is now comprised of a single legal entity called The Alpine Country Club, Inc.

April 15, 1969: Dr. Raymond J. DePetrillo, President of the Alpine Country Club and acting chairman of Alpine Investment Corporation, called the first organizational meeting to adopt the charter and By-laws, elect members to the Board of Directors and issue stock certificates.

1974: An additional 5.5 acres of land were purchased by Mr. & Mrs. Everett Mumford.

January 20, 1983: An additional 13 acres were purchased from the estate of Ettore C. Picerne.

Past Presidents

Amadeo Galli
John B. Christy
Benedetto A. Cerelli
Orlando Recchia
Francis A. Monti
Dr. Albert J. Puerini
Raymond Coppola
Henry R. DiMascolo
Dr. Raymond J. DePetrillo
John DiBiase
Anthony DiPetrillo
Anthony Poreca
Frank Sarra
Ralph R. Papitto
Raymond Saccoccio
John M. Voccola
Vincent Ianazzi
Dr. John S. Carroccia Jr.
Frank Esposity
John Cosentino
Dr. Anthony Zinno
Louis Campagnone
Guy Gallone
Peter Constantino
Dr. Marco Colagiovanni
William Martinelli
Hon. Anthony B. Sciaretta
Alfred Navarette
Louis P. Salvati
Richard J. Colardo
Albert Romano
Robert Squizzero
Robert J. Cosentino
Michadel DiPanni
Raymond Greco
Robert James
Val Colosanto
Thomas J. Bottone Jr.
Kenneth Norigian
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